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Henderton acts as independent, trusted advisors to innovative companies throughout their growth lifecycle.

A changing world needs a different approach, so we designed a structure which was nimble enough to work across different sectors and locations around the world to create results based on the specific needs of our clients, not just pushing off-the-shelf solutions.

Our recommendations are always practical.  We understand how changing one aspect of the organisation will impact other pieces, so we give you solutions which work in the real world.

A single, flexible team

We work seamlessly together thanks to a unique methodology and culture based on collaboration and knowledge sharing, and combine cross-border and sector expertise with an in-depth understanding of clients from start-ups to multinationals.

To do this, we’ve gone out of our way to build a team of people from diverse business backgrounds. We value people with transferable skills and experience, over single sector specialists.

Our international team comes from a range of backgrounds, including blue chip corporates, venture capital, financial services, management consultancy, and specialist boutiques. With many former entrepreneurs and industry executives on our extended team, we understand the unique challenges of scaling a fast-growing business.

We always look to bring the personal touch, building a rapport with clients which means they return time and again not because they have to, but because they want to.

360 Perspective

Henderton doesn’t focus on a single service or sector, so we avoid pushing services we can provide but which you may not need. We take a big picture approach, working both end-to-end and across disciplines, and can guide you the entire way through the process.


We’re not owned or tied to a big corporation, so we have the freedom to offer unbiased advice and tailored services. We don’t take referral or commission fees from suppliers or vendors, nor do we enter into exclusivity agreements.

Senior Experts

Our principals typically have more than 20 years’ experience, so you get senior-level attention rather than armies of analysts. Expertise comes with experience, and we will always choose the right person for the job.

Collaborative Approach

We work together to get things done, collaborating across locations and specialisms, working in partnership alongside your people. We use shared methods and knowledge to enable us to work as a single team.

International Outlook

Operating across geographies requires local understanding, of the markets, cultural differences, customer tastes and expectations. Our advisors come from diverse backgrounds and countries and have the international experience required to implement results across your business.

Track Record

Results speak for themselves.  Our advisors have successfully completed more than 150 projects across 20 countries. These range from tech start-ups to Fortune Global companies, and many are repeat clients we have worked with for many years.

How we work

Working closely with you to deliver lasting change

We provide expert advice and consultancy, delivering flexible, tailored expertise at the right level and right pace.

Our teams have the autonomy to move fast and do what's right for our clients, making us more personal and nimble than traditional advisory firms.

We work alongside you, helping to set the right strategies and plans, deliver change, develop capabilities, and address operational issues.

Our approach is comprehensive, rigorous, and fact-based — it helps you zoom in quickly on the critical success drivers.

Our recommendations and solutions are practical, based on many years of experience and well tested in real-life — they work.

It starts with you

We don’t come with ready-made answers or try to tell you what your strategy should be.

Instead, we’ll help you develop and implement the right approach for your business, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.

And with our ‘low volume, high value’ model, we won’t overwhelm you with large teams or take months to produce results.

We customise each approach to each situation, and we do the work with you, not to you.

Our practices

Our practices are communities of expertise, where we pool and develop specialist knowledge and skills. Combined with our collaborative approach, this framework allows us to foster talent and deliver cross-functional expertise.

Underpinning this is our commitment to deliver services which are client-responsive, designed to underpin growth, reduce costs, navigate complexity and accelerate business, technology and people performance.

Our methodology

Our approach is simply to solve a client’s current challenges, and not just as consultants but rather as trusted partners committed to success for the long term.

We start with using the 4D phased framework, working collaboratively with you to deliver a tailored approach which is right for your needs:

Discover: we invest lots of time with you to understand your business and everything which impacts it.

Define: we pull everything together to decide what matters most, and how best to achieve your objectives.

Design: we create a plan or approach which will get you to where you want to be.

Deliver: we implement the changes, including a process for ongoing monitoring so that the benefits last long term.

Our values

At Henderton, we take culture seriously and believe companies with strong corporate culture deliver higher performance over the long term. Technical skills aside, what fundamentally sets us apart is a set of values we adhere to, and which are rooted in our DNA.

Our diverse workforce is bound together by the six core values we live by and which guide everything we do. They motivate our attitudes, actions, decisions and relationships with customers, partners and each other.


We focus on quality…

We never settle. We are always learning and pushing ourselves and our clients forward. We are continuously looking to improve, innovate and challenge the status quo.


…and we always do what's right

Do what is right, always. We say what we mean and we do what we say, and always act with integrity and in our clients' best interests.


We see it as a partnership…

Our partnerships are built on trust, and that trust is earned by consistently delivering on our promises.

Easy to work with

…and we’re easy to work with

We have a positive can-do attitude, adapting readily to needs and circumstances - working with people, not just for them.


We overcome obstacles…

Our advisors are a committed bunch. They take personal pride in driving a project through to a successful conclusion, overcoming any obstacles along the way.


…and we focus on getting results

We are dedicated to our clients' success and have an unrelenting focus and passion on creating lasting outcomes and benefits.

Ready to transform your business?

Henderton acts as independent, trusted advisors to innovative companies throughout their growth lifecycle.

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Ready to transform your business?