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Technology evolves, but the core commercial issues remain for providers: how to benefit from developments in technology, expand the proposition while improving profitability, and acquire and grow customers.

Increasingly, customers are less focused on the technical elements of a product or solution and are investing in technologies that promise to deliver valuable personal or business outcomes. New and traditional competitors are introducing offerings to capitalise on advances in big data analytics, mobility and cloud-based delivery models, leading players to rethink all aspects of their go-to-market strategies.

Winners in this increasingly competitive field are aggressively reshaping their business models, competencies, revenue models, and cost structures.  


The telecommunications industry is the backbone of the digital revolution, yet operators face increasing pressures in the areas of commoditisation and connectivity.

The revolution in wireless broadband, data and mobile, significant investments in spectrum and 5G deployment, and the need to sustain financial viability as new business models with new competitors continue to pressure incumbents mean telecommunications companies face unprecedented challenges.

Technology, regulation and new competitive threats continue to put pressure on existing telecoms business models. To gain marketshare, operators must identify new products and services, integrate trends in mobile payments and the interplay between people and devices, and decide how far along the value chain they want to engage.

We can telecom leaders navigate these challenges and put the latest thinking to work for their customers, employees, and organisations.

How we can help

Helping Technology and Telecom operators extract more value from their existing bases and acquire new customers

Our team of strategy and commercial advisors supports technology and telecoms companies to define their strategic plans and then generate and protect value from their customer bases:

Growth strategy: the relative ROI from investing in taking share of the core market, expanding the offering, and addressing new markets.

M&A strategy: identifying and qualifying targets, assessing the rationale for acquisition, and identifying strategies for successful integration.

Customer insight: gain innovative approaches to capture and leverage customer insights and partner insights, and focus on gathering the right data to address the right questions.

Marketing effectiveness: improving customer lifetime value and return on commercial investment by redesigning branding and promotional activities.

Sales and channel effectiveness: develop, enable and motivate talent within sales and marketing organisations and among partners, while optimising the sales operation.

Customer management: protecting existing customer bases by identifying, measuring and addressing root causes of churn and developing retention campaigns.

Revenue management: acquiring more and increasing revenues from the existing base, by redesigning product portfolios based on customer-segment trends

Partner strategy: identify and enable channel partners with the right capabilities to meet customer requirements and achieve productivity goals.

Sales and marketing strategy: optimising sales team structure and incentivisation, marketing spend, and channel partner relationships.

If you would like to learn more, please contact our Technology and Telecoms team.

Case studies

Our advisors have international experience in the Technology and Telecoms sector, including:

Creation of a pricing model for a leading European mobile operator to calculate and track hardware prices for more than 200 models.

Assessment and feasibility study for a European telco player evaluating a move into mobile banking.

New market entry assessment for a Eurasian technology company looking to enter the European consumer mobile and internet payments market.

Design of a telephony and internet ordering system for a business-focused telecoms provider.

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