Growth Advisory

Seize good opportunities for expansion. You’ll see sustainable growth rates increase, more stable profit margins and a reduction in the risk of failed initiatives. Another benefit: a larger pipeline of vetted growth opportunities.

We provide insights that help our clients make integrated strategic choices, achieving exceptional results. In all cases, we work closely with our clients to collaboratively design solutions that fit their needs and fulfil their strategic ambitions.

Targeting growth in core, adjacent and new areas

Henderton can help you identify opportunities in existing markets, and support diversification into new markets, developing a growth strategy which puts your organisation in a strategically advantageous position to gain market share and exploit sales potential.

Using operational and financial benchmarking, we help businesses launch growth platforms, diversify product lines, expand into new markets, and search for acquisition opportunities.  This may involve evaluating pricing, assessing new product development and routes to market, or examining brand positioning and customer satisfaction and we understand the importance of considering market demand, specific products and services, and a favourable go-to-market approach.

We deliver commercial appraisal of growth options, and build detailed business cases complete with rigorous financial models to help identify the right route to success.  In summary, we help to provide both the vision and strategy to achieve growth.  This involves traditional growth strategy — developing new and assessing existing portfolio, market and footprint strategies.

Tailored growth programmes

In addition to our structured growth architecture, we have a series of programmes to uncover new ways to achieve top and bottom-line growth, tailoring strategies and visions to future-proof businesses and design roadmaps to help them get there.

Start-up creator

We pull knowledge and resources together rapidly to help turn entrepreneurial ideas into reality, from lean start-up advisory, establishing your operations and raising capital, to international expansion, or ecosystem partner engagement.

Rapid proposition launch

Creating innovative revenue and go-to-market models to explore new market opportunities such as expansion into new geographies, the identification of new channels, the targeting of new customer segments, or even the creation of new product categories.

Online consumer engagement

Brand creation and building across the full lifecycle and innovative marketing strategies which integrate multi-stakeholder messages and tactics across channels, using data and marketing technology to speed impact and improve ROI.

Boosting sales focus and results

Creating a strong sales operating model to align sales strategy to the sales process to drive rapid and sustained revenue growth, while creating a superior customer experience (CX) across all brand touch points and charting an integrated roadmap of CX priorities.

Transforming business with digital technology

Defining an enterprise digital transformation strategy to support enhanced brand, customer and employee experiences, including digital vision, maturity and capability benchmarking, transformation roadmaps, technology requirements, partner strategy, systems integration and data strategy.

Realigning to the new market environment

Adapting business and operating models to changing markets, and charting a roadmap to strengthen operations and acquire the skills needed to realise the transformation and align the new organisation to the enterprise strategy.

Capital raising and M&A

We assist business owners and investors throughout the investment or divestment process, identifying opportunities, conducting vendor or buyer due diligence, advising on investment decisions and value creation, and supporting post-deal.


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Henderton acts as independent, trusted advisors to innovative companies throughout their growth lifecycle.

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