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Designing a seamless customer experience

For many decades, innovation has focused on the product. Now companies are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver returns solely on their investments in product innovation.

So how does an organisation drive differentiation and growth today? One answer is through customer experience. This experience is progressively more relevant as basic products and services are commoditised and businesses look for additional ways to differentiate.

Great customer experience is powerful — a growth engine for acquiring new customers and making advocates out of the ones you already have. But few companies are able make that claim.

Welcome to the experience economy, where success hinges upon the experiences which organisations deliver. Consumers, employees, partners and other stakeholders now determine the strength of their relationship with a company based on the experiences they provide.

Today, differentiation from competitors by just delivering a failure-free customer journey across all touch points is no longer enough. Customers will have an experience whether you design one or not—and if it’s a poor one, their next experience may be with the competition. Companies need to take customer-experience management to the next level and surprise customers with outstanding wow effects at key points – so-called ‘moments of truth’.

This new paradigm offers organisations the opportunity to succeed through experience-based differentiation, and forces companies to reinvent marketing, sales and customer service through customer-centric projects. The final objective is to deliver simple, seamless and memorable experiences to the customers to gain their trust and recommendation. The result? Impactful experiences and CX-optimised organisations which are enabled to design and deliver real, sustainable results.

Henderton takes an end-to-end, ecosystem approach to design and deploy meaningful interactions across channels – while building and embedding lasting CX capabilities.

Focus on the customer

Relentless focus on the customer drives sustainable, profitable growth and deepens customer loyalty.  We help clients to improve customer experience across channels and to provide personalised strategies to deliver the right message at the right time through the right channel.

A customer journey analysis will provide your business with an insight into what really happens to customers from the first moment they engage with your business.

Companies must be able to answer fundamental questions to design and deliver the right experience:

How do we identify and prioritise the key stakeholders out of our full range of channel partners, intermediaries, decision makers, influencers and end users?

Once we identify your key customers, how do we shape the ideal experience for each of them?

How do we design a customer experience which is delivered consistently across different channels?

How do we maximise our multi-channel marketing efforts to align against the most important and influential touch points?

How can we engage and influence the full range of employees and partners who are responsible for delivering the customer experience?

How do we track and measure progress, which will allow us to incorporate customer feedback, extract invaluable insight and enhance the experience over time?

How can we demonstrate the financial impact and value of delivering a great customer experience to our organisation?

We help companies improve the way a customer feels when using their products or services. Once the desired experience has been designed across all touch points, we support clients to implement the new customer processes and define the required enabling technology.

How we can help

Henderton can help companies transform their customer experience to increase customer satisfaction, operational effectiveness and differentiation. Our advisors bring depth of experience across the customer experience spectrum, from customer-centric strategy to marketing design, customer journey definition, sales efficiency plan and CRM implementation.

From helping organisations truly understand who their customer is, developing new services and propositions, and improving experience across digital and physical touchpoints; we help transform the entire customer journey:

Customer insight: using internal and external data to create sophisticated insights about customers to improve customer interactions, including customer experience audit, channel and funnel insights, predictive analytics, and 360 customer view.

Stakeholder mapping: using market research and competitor analysis to identify key audiences amid the web of channel partners, intermediaries, decision-makers, influencers and end users comprising your stakeholder ecosystem.

Customer experience strategy: planning, creating and delivering meaningful experiences across channels and touch points throughout the customer lifecycle, including purpose articulation and brand strategy, go-to-market strategy, CX strategy, and service and interaction design.

Audience segmentation: personalisation allows your business to make sense of customer data, identify the specific needs of different customer groups and use these insights to deliver tailored experiences across the customer journey.

Customer journey mapping: mapping out the customer journey, touch point by touch point, reveals customers’ needs, preferences and challenges — including those which aren’t explicitly articulated.  Mapping customer journeys from their first interaction to the last will uncover whether they are accomplishing their goals or if they are getting stuck along the way.

Mapping tools: using the right combination of tools to understand and analyse the customer journey through your organisation, including customer data analysis, persona creation, user testing, customer journey visualisation, mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys, exit polls and consumer panels.

CX KPIs: definition of KPIs and reporting to provide a comprehensive view of the business, including insights into key user journey performance and valuable customer engagement metrics.

Capability enablement: building capability across people, operations, content, data and systems, helping improve CX organisational strategy and design, talent and culture alignment, and capability development.

Cross-channel optimisation: connecting data points, analysing customer behaviour, and using these data to reach customers in real-time and provide a personalised experience.

Testing roadmap: creating a customer experience / testing roadmap helps solidify customer optimisation efforts in the context of the broader organisation and how the business achieves its goals.

Continuous experimentation: iterative testing of a customer-centric strategy enables constant adaptation as customer expectations evolve over time.

We can help you define and design your commercial strategies as well as the transformation processes needed to ensure full ownership and involvement in the organisation.

If you would like to learn more about our experience, please contact our Marketing practice team.

Case studies

We have worked with many organisations internationally, improving customer journeys and experiences for a range of small, medium and large companies:

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