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Our marketing and sales capabilities span the entire commercial journey

Speak to the right customers in the right way at the right time. The marketing landscape is changing more rapidly than at any time in the recent past, with digital, social and mobile technologies superseding traditional models of engagement.

To develop marketing strategies which will direct your resources more effectively, we combine our commercial expertise in customer insight with a holistic approach which gets your message in front of the audiences you need to reach.

An intelligent strategy provides peace of mind. A plan which outlines how to achieve your goals, it solidifies leadership direction, foresees potential issues and establishes your overall vision.

We accelerate businesses by creating marketing and digital operating models, organisational structures, processes and governance. We identify gaps between the existing model and what is necessary for the future, and then design the marketing plan, processes and technology roadmaps necessary to get there.

You’ll stimulate sales and strengthen your market positioning, thanks to a strategic view of the marketing mix that ties in more effectively with sales and product strategy.

Some of the common questions we hear from our clients include:

What’s our vision for marketing next year? The next three years?

How can we use digital and data to make marketing more effective and efficient?

How can marketing enable sales in an increasingly omni-channel buying environment?

How do we integrate marketing initiatives across online, mobile, and social channels to ensure consistent messaging and brand experience?

How do we align our marketing expenses with the most profitable customer segments, channels and accounts to maximise ROI?

Which type of segmentation approach should we take for each product to maximise the opportunity for our overall company portfolio?

How large is the opportunity for each customer segment and how should we address the drivers and barriers within each?

What is the optimal promotional allocation across our product portfolio?

Companies need to look comprehensively at the entire set of promotional tactics and go to market with a multi-channel approach driven by customer preferences.  An effective marketing mix will maximise a company’s chances of achieving and exceeding its sales targets, as well as provide a competitive advantage.

Innovative marketing strategies

Marketing issues are rarely standalone problems. We link marketing to the company’s overall strategy, revenue and business model to ensure that our clients take a holistic approach to marketing efficiency which improves their top and bottom lines.

Our work ranges from strategic marketing topics such as market entry and marketing growth and segmentation strategies, to operative marketing measures and marketing tactics such as improving marketing efficiency and effectiveness. We help clients develop product portfolios which incorporate customer segmentation and innovative digital marketing strategies.

An end-to-end marketing planning approach

Customer insight: Our advisors use rigorous qualitative and quantitative research and analytics to help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers and learn more about your customers’ needs, values and motivations.  We’ll help you prioritise opportunities with the highest market potential and expected return.

Clear strategies for growth: once we identify the best opportunities for growth, we design the most effective marketing strategy to capture it.  Based on insights into your customers’ behaviours, including their needs, values, device and information preferences, communication styles, and motivation, we design effective positioning, messaging, customer journeys and engagement strategies.

Actionable plans and implementation: we don’t stop with strategy.  We provide a detailed map of customer interaction throughout the customer journey along with actionable marketing plans designed to drive growth by key segment.  We take your new strategies through to marketing action by defining the activities you need to engage customers at pivotal moments along their journey.

Capability development: collaboration is vital to the success of any strategy we develop, which is why we work alongside you and your agencies from design and implementation through organisation-wide adoption, execution and beyond to ensure that the strategies deliver the results you’re looking for.

How we can help

Crafting a targeted marketing strategy

Henderton helps marketing and brand managers substantially increase the return on their investments and gives them confidence that they are making the optimal promotional spending decisions. We have helped clients boost sales significantly for top brands as well as determine the optimal marketing budgets across a broad product portfolio.

We help clients improve marketing effectiveness with services which span the entire commercial journey:

Customer segmentation: clear understanding of customer needs, buying processes and preferences, value perceptions and potential to tailor experiences seamlessly across channels using segmentation and targeting to identify customers and improve performance.

Branding and positioning: identifying which customers are most receptive and valuable to the brand and how they should be targeted with promotional efforts to optimise resource allocation and brand performance.

Product and pricing: identifying pricing opportunities in selected parts of the customer or product portfolio for margin growth, and setting the right marketing budget for each product.

Go-to-market strategy: establishing an optimal growth strategy by assessing key penetration, cross-selling and account acquisition opportunities, and development of customer-focused brand strategy, market offerings and value propositions.

Marketing mix: integrating marketing initiatives across online, mobile, and social channels to ensure consistent messaging and brand experience, and align marketing expenses with the most profitable customer segments, channels and accounts to maximise ROI.

Digital marketing: digital strategy optimisation: acquisition, activation, retention, recommendation, social network strategy and customer engagement, digital analytics, tagging, and KPIs.

Customer strategies: strategic framing to design and develop of customer strategies around the key pillars: customer vision and positioning, benefits, values and promise, customer experience, employee experience, and customer experience roadmaps.

Customer lifecycle: relationship marketing strategies which focus on the lifetime relationship with each customer through personalisation, marketing plans per customer segment, and new models of customer engagement.

If you would like to learn more about our experience, please contact our Marketing practice team.

Case studies

Please contact us for more information on our past projects.

XXX: xxx.

For a health care company, Sia developed a relationship marketing plan based on the customers’ lifecycle. Our team assisted the marketing department in developing a seamless omni-channel experience for their customers by delivering the right message through the right channel at the right time.

For a public transportation company, Sia defined the project scope and the roadmap for building a customer strategy. By improving the overall multimodal transportation experience, we helped the client provide higher customer satisfaction. Our team also conducted related projects, to offer differentiated services for 4 million customers, and developed real time mobile and direct communication adapted to customer habits.

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