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Business analysis and modelling

When it comes to business decision making, numbers talk. However, companies often develop models and analyses to support a decision only to find that they do not reflect commercial reality.

A robust business case is central to achieving investible projects and goes a long way to ensuring the right outcomes are achieved. All the stakeholders involved can share the same understanding so that they can discuss, challenge and agree what the problem is and how best to solve it.  This constructive engagement around hard data can often be a vital requirement when you are planning and implementing complex projects involving many different stakeholders.

It is a useful tool at any strategic stage, from exploring options at the outset of developinga five-year plan, through to aligning different views on the best way forward, refining and reinforcing a business case, or overcoming a block during the implementation process.

We take a business-focused approach, combining our understanding of the wider context and the challenges, with our modelling capability to address the key issues you face – from how best to reduce your operating costs to where best to invest in growth.

The key is being able to generate a rich and detailed picture built around business questions and objectives, so that decisions can be based on a clear understanding at different levels – from the big picture down to the fine detail, including all the critical connections, variables and dependencies. This enables you to identify and answer key strategic questions in a rigorous, pragmatic, business-focused way.

How we can help

Our team combines broad commercial experience with technical expertise, to help you build a robust approach.

We work closely with you all the way along to build and apply the model, so that not only is it accurate and practical, but it is also accepted by all stakeholders. As a result, you can move quickly from agreeing and articulating the challenge, through to making good decisions with the consensus of all involved.

We aim to create a model which is as simple and easy to understand as possible, despite the inevitable surrounding complexities. This is an important part of creating a tool which you can use and make the most of yourself for future decision making.

Comprehensive approach

Business cases are typically structured around the iterative ‘five-case model’, with appropriate detail applied to each case as the project develops:

1.  The strategic case: what are the objectives set by the sponsors and funders and the stakeholders they report to?

2.  The economic case: do the costs and benefits provide good value compared with other options, including ‘do nothing’?

3.  The commercial case: will the forecast revenues of the proposed solution be commercially profitable?

4.  The financial case: do projected life-time expenditure on the preferred option and the revenue it will generate match beneficially?

5.  The management case: is the project deliverable in a manner which will meet the objectives of all stakeholders?

If you would like to learn more about our experience, please contact our practice team.

Case studies

We have created numerous business cases for a variety of international businesses, including:

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