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Quality deal sourcing and screening

Access to local information can be of critical nature. Henderton acts as an objective, independent partner to access the best investment opportunities across Europe, increasing the potential upside instead of the risk.

Henderton differs from many corporate finance firms in that it benefits from staff with extensive experience gained on the investment side, either in venture capital (including fund-of-funds activity) or sourcing start-ups for Fortune Global companies. This allows us to understand you and your business better: immersed in portfolio company operations, analysing new deal flow, making new investments, raising funds: these are all time-consuming tasks.

This is why investors need reliable partners to access quality deal sourcing and help them make great exits, so they can focus on adding value to their portfolio companies, focusing on organic or external growth and strategic or operational issues.

Our services for investors range from:

Assessing your current portfolio of assets.

Market analysis and sector reviews, looking at the dynamics and potential growth of markets and sectors.

Valuation analysis for owned and potential target businesses.

Deal sourcing, screening and analysis.

Corporate venturing services.

Business turnarounds and performance improvement.

Our track record shows our commitment to sourcing high-potential businesses. This is a record we are proud of and want to maintain, hence our focus on selecting only those companies which display the characteristics which mean we would be happy investing in them ourselves: good product-market fit, high-potential market sector, strong team, positioning and competitive advantages, business model, and demonstrated traction, among others.

How we can help

Creating value for investors

Henderton has a range of services for investors, incubators, accelerators and corporate venture capital, including:

Corporate portfolio strategy: review of the business portfolio to identify potential opportunities for value creation, based on business strategy, economic climate, and market and competitor dynamics to make recommendations about which assets to divest, why to divest them, and what is the best timing.

Market analysis: research, gather and structure market information, including the value, size and growth potential of the market in the coming years, and identification of the factors which stimulate market growth.

Sector reviews: providing insights on demand for clients wanting to understand specific technologies, the potential of new markets, emerging business models or even a competitor’s strategy.

Valuation analysis: assessment of fair market value based on the valuation techniques most appropriate to the specific situation, which may include multiple comparisons, discounted cash-flow analysis and options pricing, with our work differentiated by our understanding of the economics of the underlying businesses.

Deal sourcing: for corporate venture capital, portfolio companies, family office, or corporate funds among others, we help to identify potential acquisition or investment targets in your area of interest. Activities include scanning for potential targets, initial profiling and screening, and detailed analysis to identify potential synergies in support of valuation discussions.

Corporate venturing: start-ups often bring about innovation. We provide corporations with access to the most promising ideas and inventions by setting up and managing their corporate venture vehicles – corporate venture funds as well as accelerators.

Turnarounds: the need for restructuring can be caused by various events. In any case, Henderton is there to help, with a long track record of helping companies get back on track.

If you would like to learn more about our experience, please contact our Transactions team.

Case studies

Henderton’s advisors have provided investor services to a range of companies across a number of sectors and geographies:

XXX: xxx.

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