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Value-added services for growth businesses

Henderton offers a range of services to fast-growing companies which are not yet ready to commit to a large-scale transaction such as a fund-raising round or outright sale.

This can range from providing clarity to the strategic direction of the company to identification of financial and operational improvement points to optimise shareholder value.

How we can help

Advisory services

We partner with our clients, working closely with them to support their business objectives and growth:

Market analysis: research, gather and structure market information, including the value, size and growth potential of the market in the coming years, and identification of the factors which stimulate market growth.

Business plan: development and validation of a business plan, or assessment of the robustness of the one-off, on-going, and stand-alone cost assumptions and estimates in the existing plan.  This process identifies operational value levers and identifies areas which may need improvement prior to going to market or investors.

Investor documentation: preparation of key documents, including pitch deck, teaser or executive summary, business plan or information memorandum.

Valuation analysis: assessment of fair market value based on the valuation techniques most appropriate to the specific situation, which may include multiple comparisons, discounted cash-flow analysis and options pricing, with our work differentiated by our understanding of the economics of the underlying businesses.

Financial consultancy: advice covering financial modelling from business model design to financial forecasting, development of new tools to support your decisions, independent validation of existing financial models, and staff training.

Sector research: identification of potential investors, acquisition or merger targets interested in your area.

Alliances: identification of critical capabilities which need to be strengthened, screening and evaluation of potential partners, negotiating and implementation.

Strategic board advice: taking an independent seat as a board member, non-executive director or observer to provide strategic advice on an interim or longer-term basis.

If you would like to learn more about our experience, please contact our Transaction Advisory team.

Case studies

Henderton’s advisors have provided transaction advisory services to a range of companies across a number of sectors and geographies:

XXX: xxx.

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