Digital Transformation

A changing world

Across industries, technology is changing everything. It has become embedded in products and services and is essential for core processes and service delivery. E-commerce continues to grow, and online systems have replaced many other face-to-face activities, requiring a greater alignment between business and IT strategies.

Digital is becoming a preferred route of customer interaction with the business, aswell as enabling brand new products and services. And it is this digitisation of products and services which means that IT is no longer confined to the traditional ‘backoffice’ supporting role such as running the infrastructure, enabling shared services and enterprise platforms.

Business leaders must ask themselves: how do we accelerate the digital transformation? How do we create value with our technology function—now and in the future?

New technologies, changing customer expectations, evolving industries. Markets change quickly, and we can help your organisation to evolve to suit the new environment.

Becoming a digital enterprise

Digital can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s about finding innovative approaches to engage with their customersand consumers. For others it’s about creating a fundamentally new mind-set, culture and way of approaching challenges and opportunities.

We believe digital is about harnessing technology to drive value in this much faster, tech-savvyand data-rich world.

To transform to digital, we reimagine the entire customer journey and experience. Becoming a digital enterprise is a continuous journey of balancing your strategy and operating models, ways of working, technology, culture and data.

Digital strategy and transformation

To get started we assess your digital maturity, current technology footprint and strategy, creating a roadmap to ensure that the right technology and operating model are in place.

Our approach is to focus on a series of smart, strategic, incremental steps to realise value along the way. Most large-scale reinvention projects fail due to complexity or paralysis.

Creating a compelling digital vision and strategy with an operating model to enable it.

Defining new organisational structures and digital ways of working.

Designing, prototyping and adopting new digital products or services.

Putting in place the right technology and processes to innovate efficiently and effectively.

Developing your technology and data strategy aligned to overall business goals.

Analysing and redesigning your technology architecture and infrastructure.

Sourcing of technology through deep industry insight and partner relationships.

Our digital experts include digital strategists, designers and UX experts, app developers, and tech consultants. This enables us to provide a full range of services, from digital revenue strategies, pricing, marketing, and sales topics to fast prototypes, apps, custom pricing engines, or data analytics.

Our broad network of external development partners complements our in-house capabilities and enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions for our clients.

Rapid venture builder

Digital vision and strategy: using a proven strategic framework to re-imagine how you serve your customers, shaping and transforming your digital strategy, to help you grow, compete and adapt.

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Reinvented business models: deploying design methods for business model development, combining fresh ideas from your organisation with proven business models from other industries making sure that the product, market, and price model fit.

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Proposition design: using our service design approach to create the right solution for you, including the end-to-end delivery of that solution to maximise customer and business value.

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Data-driven pricing: optimisation of revenue models or dynamically adjusted prices to create the right digital pricing strategy regardless of which industry you are involved in.

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Re-design the customer experience: taking a customer-centric approach to create a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints and interactions, in particular those elements of the customer journey which impact revenue and profit.

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Digital applications: web, mobile, CRM, CMS, or intranet, our prototype and UX-ers apply design thinking to create rapid, custom, customer- and employee-focused digital applications which can be continuously improved throughout their life.

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Online marketing and sales: personalising marketing solutions and sales channels using data science and new technologies to reach customers and B2B clients effectively via online channels, providing the right offering at the right time, at the right price.

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Operating model: a digital-first approach to streamlining day-to-day operations, focusing on the right levers to eliminate demand, get customers to the right place, automate interactions and optimise operations.

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Organisation, governance and people: being aware of own capabilities and competences, and establishing an appropriate digital governance structure across your company.

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Partnering and sourcing: developing partnering and sourcing strategies to harmonise existing partners, new partners and co-operation with start-ups.

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