Sales Effectiveness

Sales: the lifeline of the business

Sales is the lifeline of any business. We have found that sales forces can achieve outstanding effectiveness through:

A customer-focused strategy based on value creation, differentiation and superior customer experience.

A disciplined and diligently executed customer engagement and sales process.

A highly motivated, performance-focused and accountable sales force committed to ‘getting it done’ and ‘doing it right’.

Highly efficient support-operations capabilities, providing the sales force with the information, expertise, speed-to-market and efficiency needed to achieve superior performance.

We help clients improve the effectiveness of their sales organisations and interactions with customers across all channels to drive sales growth.

Sales strategy

Organisations often deal with rapid changes - everything from mergers and acquisitions to new technologies can change customer expectations, risks, and profitability requirements.

Our advisors bring significant experience from a wide range of sales models, including business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and key account management, andincludes experts in top-line growth, innovation, and marketing and sales.

Customer segmentation and targeting

Sales and go-to-market strategy and execution

Channel and partnership strategy

Sales force coverage

Customer management

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Sales operating model

The sales force connects an organisation to its customer base and is one of the organisation’s most valuable resource and a key engine for growth.

Creating a strong sales operating model to align sales strategy to the way you are selling is keyto creating rapid and sustained revenue growth.

Customer journey mapping

Sales function and process design

Sales organisation and operations

Resource planning and deployment

Collateral, systems and tools

Sales metrics and analytics

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Sales effectiveness

The best sales force effectiveness initiatives rigorously identify, prioritise and then close gaps in the sales force and execution capability. We advise and support management teams on establishing the right infrastructure to root out sales productivity drains, align incentives and ultimately drivesales growth.

Territory management

Activity planning

Recruitment and onboarding

Competencies, skills and training

Sales culture

Performance management

Incentives and compensation

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Bid support

Deals in all market sectors have dramatically changed over the last 5 years, with procurement increasingly ‘business-led’.

We approach the whole end-client engagement in a structured manner, helping you to build engagement mapping models to ensure that all levels of your organisation present the right messages at the right time.

Client strategy

Bid management

Evaluation criteria

Qualification process

Partner agreements

Proposal development

Financial modelling

Negotiation support

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