We rapidly bring new concepts to market from idea to first revenues.

Unprecedented levels of change and disruption require new thinking and transformative approaches to growth. Consumers want more personalisation at lower costs. Investors are demanding stronger revenue growth but sooner and with less capital.

How do we design and execute the launch of new brands, products and business models for accelerated growth?

Businesses are faced with the question: how do we design and execute the launch of new brands, products and business models for accelerated growth? The most progressive companies are confronting these challenges by launching aggressive new programmes to speed up product development, improve marketing effectiveness and increase speed-to-market.

Rapid speed to market

We are growth experts and bring exceptional commercial capability to help clients grow in arange of critical ways.

We help identify opportunities in existing markets, and support diversification into new markets.

To support the rapid go-to-market effort, we develop strategies for your brand, value proposition and channels mix, along with a new model for customer engagement that can help you succeed in the marketplace.

We have expertise with everything that it takes to get a product or service to market, from discovery to development through to delivery, and we connect all of the dots in between.

And we provide avast range of services like portfolio strategy, customer insight, go-to-market-strategy and sales compensation, to name just a few.

Programme components

Market intelligence and strategy

Industry trends and development

Competitor intelligence

Strategic prioritisation

Growth strategy and roadmap

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Customer segmentation and targeting

Customer insights and analytics

Segmentation, targeting and positioning

Commercial strategy cascade (by territories or segments)

Key account management

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Proposition development and pricing

Product planning and innovation

Pricing strategy and mechanisms

Definition and reduction of the time to market for new offers, services, and products.

Go-to-market experience design (customer journey maps and CX methodologies)

Customer and product profitability

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Marketing and go-to-market

Brand promotion and external communication

Channel strategy (physical vs digital, operations and after-sales)

Marketing productivity: (processes and systems, conversion rates)

Sales of innovative services and solutions

Negotiation, cross- and up-sales

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Organisation, sales and customer interaction

Commercial organisation and sales coverage model

Sales capabilities, targeting and efficiency

Customer interaction model

Lead management, CRM, campaigns and tender management

Service design (consumers and employees, across multiple touchpoints).

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Performance monitoring

Customer data and feedback (VOC)

Performance monitoring and reporting (KPIs)

Sales skill development (onboarding and training)

Incentives and rewards

Continuous improvement (planning, budgeting)

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