Business Transformation

Adapting to new demands

Organisations which thrive in times of transformation behave more like organisms than machines, evolving and adapting.  Major shifts in market positioning, restructuring, downsizing, mergers – these situations require a step change.  But large organisations are set up to run efficiently in one direction and it takes skill and careful planning to change the route map.

Meanwhile, even daily operations take their toll.  Businesses and organisations grow and change all the time.  The processes and systems which worked at the start often become overloaded and a barrier to both current operations and future growth.

When it’s clear that nothing less than major restructuring is necessary, we help our clients to refine their business case and vision.

Build capabilities and resilience to stay ahead of change

At Henderton we believe that step change requires an outside viewpoint. Our teams have both management and consulting experience along the entire value chain to help companies create and sustain value, using current and future state mapping and an agile process improvement strategy.

We help organisations understand the true imperative for change.  We look beyond just process improvement, helping you achieve effectiveness through sound operations management, work organisation and appropriate technology use.

We then help design, structure, implement and manage transformation programmes in a way that helps benefits flow early whilst delivering the long-term change required.

We take a holistic approach to business transformation, considering everything from company culture to customer experience.  Wherever you are on your journey, we’ll help scale your investments, empower innovation, and build agility for the future.


Establish the rationale

Without understanding the reasons for a transformation, making it happen – and more importantly making it stick – can be extremely difficult.

Whatever the reason we help our clients to clearly understand the situation through strategy development or strategic thinking:

Diagnosing the situation and the outcomes which need to be achieved.

Establishing a framework for change – the guiding policy.

Developing the key actions required, linking proximate objectives to thedesired outcomes.

We then help our clients use these to develop a compelling change of narrative – the story explaining why the change is so important to help build buy-in and support from everyone who will be impacted by it.

Follow a structured approach

Strategy: setting the right direction and creating strategies which are clear, effective, and deliver results.

Design: creating an effective, streamlined structure which is scalable and covers all organisational aspects including people, processes, resources, hard and soft systems, formal structures and external driving factors.

Process: identifying and improving the processes which are crucial to success, drawing up clear lines of responsibility and ownership within their organisations to ensure it is as efficient as possible.

People: inspiring staff to fully understand and connect with their roles in a new way - to think differently, behave differently and deliver results.

Change: managing change and the tools to shape, plan, communicate and monitor activities to make the transformation stick.

Use the right tools

Our projects are varied, responding to the needs of each client, but usually include some of the following elements:

Service design: applying international best practice to a client’s local context.

As-is capture: identifying the current state, using process mapping, interviews and deep-dives into available data.

To-be mapping: developing future operating models, planning the approach and resourcing requirements to move to the to-be model.

Financial and workforce modelling: modelling and cost planning changes at a granular level.

Programme management: driving the programme to achieve intended outcomes, often liaising with multiple internal or external partners.

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