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Henderton’s Foundry is an early-stage growth platform with an efficient approach towards creating and delivering new step-out businesses.

Using this approach, we enable end-to-end innovation from concept and consumer insight through concept and proposition development, to prototype design, in-markettesting, packaging, brand development, operational and supply chain planningand launch.

Our team is comprised of a diverse, multi-disciplinary team of innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, creatives, growth architects and investors. Together, we rapidly invent, launch, scale and invest in innovative new businesses.

Rapid venture builder

Consumer insight: understanding customer needs and pain points to gather insights beyond research reports.

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Market landscape: navigating the complexities of ecosystems and value chains to identify ‘white spaces’ which present sufficiently large opportunities.

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Growth strategy: finding the next areas of growth and the plan to get there.

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Business model innovation: defining new commercial models to create differentiation and drive rapid growth.

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Customer value strategy: identifying the right customer segments and patterns, so you can predict who you’re selling to and what makes them buy (or not).

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Rapid prototype and MVP: proposition and technical development through an iterative test and learn process which embeds customer insight.

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Proposition and platform development: designing highly focused, high-value propositions which customers truly want, but which maximise customer value while balancing development and manufacturing costs.

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Optimised pricing: finding opportunities to increase revenue, reduce churn, and align product offerings to customer segments, improving pricing, discount management, and offering design.

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Re-designed customer experience: taking a customer-centric approach to create a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints and interactions, in particular those elements of the customer journey which impact revenue and profit.

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Go-to-market model: finding the best way to go to market, understanding how to engage key partners and platforms, and developing the sales and marketing strategies to sell effectively and efficiently.

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Customer acquisition and loyalty: understanding the mindsets and behaviour of consumers and the product, marketing, and loyalty levers to pull to maximise acquisition and retention.

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Enhanced sales and marketing: understanding how to shorten sales cycles and improve conversion rates through better value propositions, sales pipelines, processes and capabilities.

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Operating model: unlocking cost savings and improve customer experience through the application of new and innovative ways of structuring the processes, technology, capabilities, and culture which will drive success.

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Route-to-scale strategy: defining a clear commercial roadmap to scale your business beyond early adopters for accelerated growth.

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Scale organisational capabilities: building and maintaining a strong and healthy organisation, encompassing culture, value, capabilities, and management processes.

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Growth advisory and governance: creating the right organisation and structure to support decision-making and fast-track innovation.

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Optimal culture: creating a culture of innovation across the organisation which brings immediate results.

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Performance management: defining and measuring the right KPIs and success across different stages of innovation to accelerate learning and continued improvement.

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We help founders and their investors accelerate growth with data-driven consulting, capability building, and connections.

Rapid market assessment and due diligence: determining the total available market, which verticals, use cases, and routes to market to pursue to get to faster product adoption, lower churn, and maximise sales.

Technology commercialisation: turning niche technology breakthroughs into commercial successes by developing propositions, business models, channels and strategies to enter new markets.

Growth hacking: driving scale to achieve disproportionate returns with scarce resources through rapid product and marketing experimentation rooted in data analytics.

New business acceleration: develop concepts and enable rapid growth through our full range of strategic and implementation services.

Partnerships and ecosystems: developing strategic and channel partnerships to unlock growth into new markets, from partnership strategy to identification and negotiations.

Alternative funding options: accessing VC, corporate venture capital and investor networks to obtain funding and de-risk ventures.


An external incubator approach offers benefits to corporates, from lower costs, faster speed to market, elimination of brand constraints, an agile development approach and full integration of consumer, technology, commercial, operational and strategic inputs.

Corporate innovation: stay ahead of technology innovation, engage start-ups and accelerate your own digital roadmap

Growth framework and process: designing the right structures to nurture and accelerate innovation.

Business cases and investment memos: building robust financial projections grounded in real-world market opportunities and customer validation for existing, emerging and future markets.

Pre-emptive disruption: Incubating your own digital disruptor, taking a venture-like approach to new business-building.

Venture setup and embedding: stakeholder engagement and knowledge transfer throughout projects to enable sustained success.

Benchmark portfolio companies: compare portfolio companies to one another and other companies in their category.

Tech scouting and due diligence: benefit from our start-up network, commercial and technology expertise to scout, screen, acquire or partner with pioneering start-ups.


We act as an objective, independent partner to access the best investment opportunities across Europe, increasing the potential upside instead of the risk.

Market and sector analysis: fast, rigorous sector analysis and opportunity assessments, sizing the total addressable market white space, and growth factors.

Concept validation: validate concepts and test key hypotheses to secure commercial proof points, pivot ventures and de-risk investments.

Due diligence: rapid answers to key questions, including product market fit, industry structure and outlook and competitive intensity.

Portfolio benchmarking: evaluation of your portfolio’s performance against comparable venture capital and private equity-backed start-ups.

Corporate portfolio strategy: review of the business portfolio to identify potential opportunities for value creation and which assets to divest, why, and the best timing.

Accelerate portfolio company growth: implementing our suite of services, across your portfolio to optimise, scale and grow your investments.

Deal sourcing: identification of potential acquisition or investment targets, profiling and screening, and detailed analysis to identify potential synergies in support of valuation discussions.

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